The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers

Sustainable Food Lab is happy to announce the publication of The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers, Investigating the Business of a Productive, Resilient and Low Emission Future.  This book is a collection of research focusing on climate-smart agriculture and includes authors from over 30 institutions.  The material covers conversations around climate impacts, climate-smart varieties, farm management, supply and value chain risk reduction and scaling of climate risks reduction strategies.

Chapter 19, One Size Does Not Fit All: Private-Sector Perspectives on Climate Change, Agriculture and Adaptation, was co written by Sustainable Food Lab’s Kealy Sloan and Stephanie Daniels.  The chapter focuses on how private-sector actors from different parts of the supply chain view, understand, and engage with climate change and the promotion of climate-smart agriculture practices.  The chapter draws directly from 42 private sector interviews with firms working in coffee, cocoa and other commodity crops.  Findings indicate that:

“Many food and beverage companies already support action on climate change, at least in general terms. Most, however, say that they need more guidance on climate risks and CSA solutions, in order to deepen and scale their engagement”

The chapter recommends the following efforts to encourage private supply chain actors involvement in climate-smart agriculture : (i) offering granular, subnational-level climate-risk data that will allow companies to integrate CSA into their broader risk-management strategies; (ii) providing CSA information and resources that are tailored to companies’ specific position within the supply- chain; and (iii) emphasizing the business case for CSA to make CSA uptake viable for companies that are held accountable to revenue goals.

A full copy of The Climate-Smart Agriculture Papers can be downloaded here.

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