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Kealy Sloan


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Meet Kealy Sloan

Program Director, Agriculture & Development

Kealy is a Program Director for Sustainable Food Lab’s Agriculture and Development team. She leads the Food Lab’s work on Sustainability Measurement & Learning and focuses on value chain partnerships, farmer livelihoods and living income. Kealy sits on the Technical Advisory Committee of the Living Income Community of Practice and works with several food and beverage companies to design and implement key sustainability metrics to track impact and inform learnings for program improvement and scaling.  Using measurement as a source of learning, she helps companies to design strategies that improve farmer livelihoods, climate resilience and security of supply.

Kealy brings a background in monitoring and evaluation of international development programs and a passion for using findings to achieve outcomes and inspire learning.  Kealy holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University as well as an M.A. in International Development and Human Security from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts. 


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