Daniella Malin

Daniella Malin


Meet Daniella Malin

Senior Program Director, Agriculture & Climate

While serving as Senior Program Director for Agriculture and Climate at the Sustainable Food Lab, Daniella helped develop the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) and then founded the Cool Farm Alliance as one of the leading industry platforms for quantifying agricultural greenhouse gas emissions, soil carbon sequestration and other sustainability metrics. Daniella saw early on, that if society was to realize the climate change mitigation potential available through agriculture, the world was going to need a tool that was action-oriented, commercially embedded in global supply chains, standardized, collectively owned, and funded as a pre-competitive shared industry resource and supported by a learning community of users. The Cool Farm Alliance, now its own legal entity, is a not-for-profit membership organization (community interest company) that owns, manages, and improves the Cool Farm Tool and cultivates the leadership network to advance regenerative agriculture at scale. 

Daniella takes a collaborative approach to her work, drawing together the kinds of partnerships, alignments and collaborations among diverse stakeholders that can co-build, and co-benefit from shared mutually reinforcing solutions. 

In addition to working with food and beverage companies on their climate mitigation and regenerative agriculture strategies and programs, Daniella also now serves as Head of Impact and Collaboration for the Cool Farm Alliance, having previously led and/or overseen all aspects of the development of the Cool Farm Tool and Cool Farm Alliance including the science and methodology, documentation, governance, software design and testing, project management, communications, marketing, stakeholder engagement and facilitation, fundraising, piloting the use of the tool in supply chains with farmers, case study development and strategic partnerships. 

Her love of soil carbon as an engine of ecological (including human) restoration drives much of her work. This topic, as it touches on the biology of soil, the economics of farming, technology, culture, science and more, serves as a practical medium through which to address one of the greatest crisis/opportunities of our time and a reminder of the connectedness of all things.

Daniella has a background in project management, agricultural GHG quantification methodology and accounting, software engineering, journalism, stakeholder engagement and facilitation, communications, and strategic partnerships, environmental education, and farming. She lives in Vermont with her husband and two wonderous children. Daniella received her B.A. in Literature and Society from Brown University.

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