Private Sector Consultation on Climate Smart Agriculture

Smallholder farmers around the globe are facing unstable productivity due to changing climate and weather patterns.  The ways in which the private sector supports these farmers to build resilience to climate change and/or engage in efforts to mitigate climate change can have significant impact on the ability for farmers to make a living, the security of supply of smallholder crops, and the reputation of the private sector actors drawing loyalty of end consumers and investors.

We are happy to release The Private Sector Consultation on Climate Smart Agriculture as  part of an effort to better understand and engage the private sector in climate smart agriculture activities. Read more to gain insight into the types of information that private sector coffee companies currently use and are looking for to be able to design and implement effective climate smart agriculture programs.

The report is a product of The Learning Community for Supply Chain Resilience is funded by USAID’s Feed the Future program and works in support of the Alliance for Resilient Coffee (ARC).

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