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We help our partners navigate complex sustainability challenges in the food system and welcome a conversation on how we might partner with you.

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The Sustainable Food Lab creates outcomes that improve the whole food system by fostering mutually productive partnerships and strategies across the supply chain.

Our team designs strategies and tools, and implements projects that increase the adoption of regenerative agriculture in large-scale systems, and provides a decent living and sustainable future for smallholder farmers.

Our staff:

  • Support individual companies and organizations with sustainability strategies and supply chain solutions.
  • Build collaborations that span sourcing regions or commodity systems.
  • Foster system thinking and collective leadership through our peer leadership communities, learning journeys and facilitated projects and gatherings
  • Help create and apply existing measurement tools, benchmarks and frameworks.

Please contact us to explore any of our services that might be useful to you, or become a member of the Food Lab network.

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What sets us apart is our ability to create spaces for honest exchange and learning to advance food system sustainability. Our network of partners and slate of projects have proven invaluable across sectors, in various agricultural regions and within individual organizations to improve lives through sustainable business and farming practices.

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