Open Source Soil Health Communications Toolkit

In honor of World Soil Day, the Food Lab has created a soil health communications toolkit to help our partners talk to the business relevance of soil health. The toolkit includes:

  • An open source slide deck that connects the importance of soil health to business, identifies best practices and showcases private sector actions. The deck is usable by anyone to manipulate and adapt to fit your needs. Pull slides that are relevant to you and your audience, change colors to align with your brand, and share freely! Supporting information and statistics relevant to each slide are included in the notes sections for reference in discussions.
  • Supporting appendix slide deck with a bit more detail for those interested in digging in and a list of resources.
  • A compilation of soil health fact sheets from NRCS, FAO as well as infographics.
  • Short animated videos that simplify the critical role soil health plays in agriculture and outline best practice solutions. Watch animated videos: Leaky System and Sources & Sinks.

Have questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Carol Healy, [email protected]


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