Next Stop for Impact Lab Fellows: How Managed Markets Might Enable Farmers to make Sustainability Investments

The Impact Leadership Lab is a peer learning community of sustain ability and sourcing professionals in companies.

Their next adventure will be a June 2019 learning journey with dairy farm leaders in Quebec and the US, comparing these two very different market systems and results for farmer wellbeing as well as the abilities of farmers to invest in sustainability innovation.  We’ll be using dairy as a lens to analyze the keys to farmer engagement everywhere: from wheat and barley in Australia to cocoa and vanilla in different parts of Africa.

The group recently met at the Washington State farm where the Carnation brand originated. They each created clear Theories of Change for their work, and engagement strategy for internal and external stakeholders. After that gathering, here is what two people wrote:

The Impact Lab is just that, impactful. I am grateful for being in a pre-competitive environment with thought leaders who open your mind to new ways of approaching challenges.

—Tim Wahlquist, Global Sustainability Supply Chain Director, Costco

It is a worthwhile and enriching experience to invest in my leadership development by engaging with trusted practitioners who face many of the same challenges as I do. There is comfort in knowing that we encounter similar challenges, be they personal, organizational or systems-wide, and there is great opportunity and fulfillment in sound boarding these challenges with a collective and shared sense of purpose.

—Shauna Sadowski, Head of Sustainability, Natural & Organic Operating Unit at General Mills

Membership is open to others. If you’re interested, learn more here and contact Hal Hamilton

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