Living Income Community of Practice Wraps up 2018

Sustainable Food Lab, GIZ and the ISEAL Alliance founded and co-host the Living Income Community of Practice, which is dedicated to the vision of thriving, economically stable, rural communities linked to global food and agricultural supply chains. The goal of the community is to support activities focused on improving smallholder incomes towards living incomes, aiming to enable smallholder farmers to achieve a decent standard of living.  As a community, our hope is to provide useful methods and guidance on measuring and reporting existing and living incomes and help identify and discuss strategies to take action that can contribute to closing income gaps. 
Throughout the last year the Community of Practice has provided a number of new reports, tools and webinars.  As 2018, comes to a close we encourage you to review some of our new work on the Living Income Website or watch previous webinars.  This year we’ve held 6 webinars around topics like the role of sustainability, pricing, financial interventions and data collection.  Webinars from 2018 include commodities like cotton, cocoa, coffee, and flowers, spanning from research in countries like Indonesia, Cote d’Iviore and Colombia.  A full list of webinars from 2018 and previous years, can be viewed here.

If you’d like to learn more about living income feel free to contact Stephanie Daniels or we encourage you to take a look at the Living Income Website.

We’d like to thank our facilitating partners and members for a great 2018.  In February be on the lookout for a recap of our Living Income Community of Practice Annual Workshop.

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