Living Income and the Risk of Economic Vulnerability

Inflation is at record levels and food shortages abound due to logistics issues and the war in Ukraine. This is both a difficult time to work on increasing farmer income and exactly the right time to commit and lean into the challenge. As our colleagues at Business Fights Poverty wrote this week, a “tsunami of poverty is approaching. The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures to contain its spread led to 97 million more people living in poverty in 2020; with the 2021 projection revised upwards to 711 million and the impact expected to be long-lasting. The pandemic abruptly halted a steady near-25-year decline (by over 1 billion) in the number of people living in extreme poverty. Adding in inflationary pressures and the impact of the war in Ukraine, the World Bank is now estimating an “additional 75 million to 95 million people living in extreme poverty in 2022, compared to pre-pandemic projections”. 


The efforts that a number of agricultural sectors are taking to address poverty at the foundations of global supply chains, with farming families are gaining steam.  Sustainable Food Lab is joining with a number of our partners to co-host three days of impactful workshops to dig into these tough and chronic problems and find practical solutions. 

Following a high level event on living income at Davos, please join IDH and the Living Income Community of Practice at the Living Income Summit on June 14th in Amsterdam.  This in-person event is intended for senior leaders from industry, government and civil society and please get in touch with us for more information as space is limited. We will follow this in person event with an open practitioners workshop to be held virtually on June 15-16 from 9-11:30am ET.  

Detailed agendas will be released soon on:


Registration is available for both workshop days:


To find out more about the in-person event on June 14 in Amsterdam, contact Kaitlin Murphy at [email protected]

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