Lean Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Webinar

How we conduct research, monitoring, and evaluation matters. Primary research is an intervention into the lives of research participants as well as a way to inform decision-making. Please listen below to the webinar focused on how food and beverage companies, and their NGO and university partners, have applied the lean principles of rigor, respect, relevance, and right sizing to:

*   Improve the quality of information gathered through research, monitoring, and evaluation;
*   Increase the usefulness of findings for research participants and stakeholders;
*   Ensure the process and outputs of research, monitoring and evaluation benefit study participants and their communities, as well as donors and decision-makers.

Colleagues at MIT D-Lab and Root Capital will provide an overview of the lean research principles and the Lean Research Field Guide that was recently released. Colleagues at the UTZ/Rainforest Alliancethe Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA), and the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan will present examples of lean practices in the field. Click below for the webinar audio and click here for the slide deck.


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