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Global Alliance to Reduce Environmental Impact

The Cool Farm Alliance, with continuing leadership support from the Food Lab, is an independent not-for-profit membership organization (community interest company) that owns, manages, and improves the Cool Farm Tool and cultivates the leadership network to advance regenerative agriculture at scale.

In 2008, co-founders from the Food Lab, Unilever, and University of Aberdeen incubated the Cool Farm Alliance and Cool Farm Tool at the Food Lab. With growing success and support from about a dozen additional founding partner-organizations, the tool and organization moved from concept to practice.  In 2014, project partners launched the Cool Farm Alliance as a permanent home for the Cool Farm Tool. 

Today, the Food Lab’s Daniella Malin continues to serve formally as Head of Impact and Collaboration at the Cool Farm Alliance. In addition to our organizational role, Food Lab staff frequently use the Cool Farm Tool with companies and supply chain partners in a variety of projects to encourage, motivate, track and reward good practice and increasingly, to work on reporting progress against Science Based Targets.

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