Measurement tools and research-based best practices allow us to quantify improvements and understand the impact of farm level decisions on the overall system. Since our goal is always to have the biggest impact, the data helps guide our decision making.


The Food Lab developed and stewards tools to facilitate learning and engagement.

  • Cool Farm Tool—an online greenhouse gas calculator and sustainable agriculture assessment tool that quantifies the carbon footprint of crop and livestock products (both GHG emissions and soil carbon sequestration). New modules assess water footprints (available for 25 crops globally) and biodiversity in forest temperate biome. The tool was created jointly by the Food Lab, Unilever and the University of Aberdeen and is now owned and managed by an independent legal entity, the Cool Farm Alliance.
  • Smallholder Performance Measurement a common framework for assessing and tracking improvements in the sustainability of smallholder farming supply chains.


We are partners in:

  • Living Income Community of Practice—an alliance of partners dedicated to developing standards to support thriving, economically stable, rural communities linked to global food and agricultural supply chains.