Cool Farm Water Tool Methodology is now Published

Daniella Malin, Senior Program Director of Agriculture & Climate at Sustainable Food Lab and Deputy General Managerof the Cool Farm Tool is the co-author of a new article, Cool Farm Tool Water: A global on-line tool to assess water use in crop production.  Published in the Journal of Cleaner Productionthe article introduces the methodology for the popular online tool which is fully integrated with the greenhouse and biodiversity tools.

The tool engages growers and stakeholders by identifying efficient water management practices.  As many of us know, the agricultural sector is water intensive and poses a danger to the world’s ground water resources. Evaluation of agricultural water consumption is crucial to managing overall water usage, and with the Cool Farm Tool, farmers and supply chains can assess their water demand, consumption and irrigation efficiency, using standard crop data and localized meteorological information.  Found online, the tool is a practical resource that can be accessed by farmers free of charge.

The full article can be found here

More information on the Water Tool can be found on Cool Farm Tool’s website found here

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