Closing Plenary Panel

Sean de Cleene from Yara, Arie van den Brand a former member of the Dutch Parliament, Lucian Peppelenbos from IDH and Britt Lundgren from Stonyfield Farms, discussed their views on the current challenges facing the global food system.

The conversation was rich and wide-ranging. Lucian shared his own “painful questions,” which he described as indicators of learning: systems built on poverty require serious concerted action. “We need to take government seriously.”

Brit sees a lot of potential in a collaborative approach, and she described her experience with a group of organic brands in the US working together to increase organic grain supply.

Arie shared hope for the convergence of people with government experience who “know how it all works,” and people in the private sector who are recognizing a responsibility to help organize stable societies.

Sean built on the summit theme of Scope 4, which for him reaches beyond agriculture to include job creation and investment. “How do we sequence these issues or do them in parallel in a way that is really transformative?”

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