RFP: Tools and Analysis for Closing Income Gap of Smallholder Coffee Farmers in Ethiopia

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This Request for Proposals (RFP) pertains to services required to support the International Coffee Organization (ICO) Coffee Public Private TaskForce (CPPTF) commitments to realize Resolution 465 and the London Declaration towards the long-term vision of prosperity across the global coffee sector. This commitment includes the ambitious concept of working towards a prosperous income and defining quantitive milestones on the path to prosperity in the 10 year roadmap. The Living-Prosperous Income Technical Workstream (LPI TWS 1), created by the ICO CPPTF and facilitated by the Sustainable Food Lab, agreed a series of commitments which include the establishment of stakeholder dialogues in producer countries to identify and close income gaps to and beyond the identified level of Living Income. These living income benchmarks are being established in many of the ICO producing countries, and we are now looking for support to design the tools required to support national stakeholders

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