Julie Kunen

Julie Kunen

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Meet Julie Kunen

Julie is the Sustainability Director for Oatly North America. Her journey through sustainability has included PhD studies in archaeology, where she focused on agricultural practices of the ancient Maya, as well as roles in academia, government, non-profit, and business consulting sectors.

Julie is experienced in international development and biodiversity conservation, with particularly strong experience in Latin America. She spent 5 years as the forestry and natural resources advisor for Latin America at USAID, and then stepped into dual roles as chief of staff of the policy bureau and senior environmental policy advisor, leading development of USAID’s first climate change and development strategy. Later Julie moved into executive management of conservation portfolios as VP of the Americas with the Wildlife Conservation Society, where she led efforts to promote conservation through cuisine, including partnerships with renowned Latin American chefs. For the last 2 years Julie has led Passiflora Consulting, a business consultancy working with chefs, restaurants, travel companies, and government agencies to promote sustainable gastronomy.

Originally from New York, Julie now lives in Montana, and before joining Oatly spent 5 months working as a farmhand on an organic vegetable farm in northern Montana. Julie is also a writer on topics at the nexus of food, culture, and the environment for independent food and travel-focused media outlets, writing on topics like innovations in food studies programs and the indigenous roots of regenerative agriculture.

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