Shifting Sustainability from Niche to
Shifting Sustainability from Niche to Mainstream

We build the know-how, tools, and partnerships for sustainable farming and supply chains of the future.

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About the Sustainable Food Lab

The Sustainable Food Lab was launched in 2004 as a non-profit organization to shift sustainability from niche to mainstream in the food system. We work with our partners to deliver impact faster, continuously innovating and sharing our learning.

Areas of Focus

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Nira Johri

Chief Sustainability Officer


Having worked closely with SFL for nearly a decade, they are a beacon of light when navigating the complexities of food sustainability. Whether through their sound guidance as strategic consultants, their convening power and ability to create safe spaces through leadership development, or their thoughtful and immersive learning journeys, there isn’t a better group to be your guide.

Briana Pero Hosking

Senior Program Manager, Grocery Private Brand Sustainability


The Food Lab provides a unique forum that brings together key stakeholders from across the value chain and digs into challenges and solutions. Fostering a systems-based mindset is critical to positively impacting the global food system, and the Food Lab's resources and framework tools help hone that muscle for veterans and newbies working in this space.

Kristin Komives

Director of Programmes

ISEAL Alliance

Sustainable Food Lab is at the center and at the heart of the sustainability movement. They shape conversations with systemic issues in mind and bring together multiple actors and companies.

Sustainable Food Lab

Partner With Us

As a partner with Food Lab, you will be part of a network of global thought leaders from diverse organizations committed to making impactful changes in the food system.
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