“The necessity of industry collaboration is clear as we consider the inherent complexity of managing biology-based production systems. That's why Mars has joined the Sustainable Food Lab.” 

Kevin Rabinovitch,
Global Sustainability Director,
Mars Incorporated






Why the Food Lab?

Why the Food Lab?

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The mission of the Sustainable Food Lab is to accelerate the shift of sustainable food from niche to mainstream.

Businesses are integrating sustainability into their value chains - from the consumer in the supermarket through to the farmers who grow crops and raise animals.  Companies, farmers, and civil society are identifying the most important sustainability issues in our food systems and developing credible, verifiable, approaches that make improvements and add value through the supply chain.  The Sustainable Food Lab is a global network of more than 60 organizations working together to realize this vision.  From peer to peer leadership networks, to global learning events, to supply chain innovation projects, to measurement tools, the Sustainable Food Lab helps organizations learn and act together to accelerate progress on creating a more sustainable food system. 



PerutractorRegister now for the 2014 Sustainable Food Lab Leadership Summit in Lima, Peru

Up Your Game: Agriculture, Resource Pressures, Social Impacts and Quality Food.

Learning Journeys:  June 8-11, 2014

Meeting: June 11-13, 2014 

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 3.52.20 PM April 2014 Food Lab Newsletter.  Reflections from sustainability thought leaders on 10 years of mainstreaming sustainable agriculture, thoughts on the barriers to  growing organic grain in the U.S., and a description of a cross sector collaboration linking smallholder asparagus producers to a modern export market in Peru.

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Read about how the Food Lab engages with member food companies to accelerate change in this recent interview with Hal Hamilton in SmartBlogs Food & Beverage